3rd International Workshop on Induced Polarization (6 – 9 April, 2014)


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Ile d'Oléron, Charente-Maritime, France

Objective of the workshop

While originally developed for prospection and characterization of mineral deposits purposes, the recent developments of Induced Polarization (IP) geophysical methods in terms of instrumentation, processes understanding at micro-scale for low frequencies (< 1000 Hz) or macroscopic modeling and inversion processes are very promising for environmental low-polarizable targets study. Promising applications of the IP method are particularly seen in hydrogeophysics, biogeophysics or characterization of contaminated sites.

Two previous workshops had already taken place entitled ‘International Workshop on Induced Polarization in Near-Surface Geophysics’. The first one held in Bonn, Germany in 2009, and the second one in Golden, Colorado, USA in 2011. The aim of the first workshop was to present last developments and applications of the method for near surface hydrogeological and environmental investigations. The goal of the second workshop was to focus on the understanding of the mechanisms generating IP signals in the earth. These workshops had also dealt with data acquisition, petrophysical relationships, theory and laboratory studies, inverse modelling and imaging, or with environmental, hydrological or engineering applications.

The aim of this third workshop is twofold:

  • discuss the recent developments of the method for the geophysicist community
  • open the discussion with other scientific communities (e.g., medical imaging, biological, astrophysical) using the same physical processes even if with other names (e.g., AC impedance spectroscopy, low-frequency dielectric spectroscopy).

The particularity of this workshop is that classical scientific sessions will be completed with working groups (see program)